Indie Music

"Indie music" comes from the word "Independent"
Indie bands are bands that make music independently and that are not signed to a big record label.
A lot of Indie bands get their start in small coffee shops, street performances and various music events.
Very often people may be confused to think that indie music is a music genre, when Indie music is actually music that’s made independently.
Very often, indie bands care more about being truthful to themselves and their music than being dictated by mainstream and audience demand.
The Indie definition changed with years:
In the 90's the dominating indie music were bands like: Peal jam, Temple of The Dog, Radiohead, Oasis etc. Today these bands are very famous and successful.
In the 80's the dominating Indie music was pop bands with streaming guitars and screaming lead singers.
Today, the most popular Indie music bands are bands like:

The Yeah Yeah Yeah's (which I wrote about last week)
(Click on the names to chek out the websites)
These are also my favorite, there are many more.
The Killer's- one of my absolutely favorite bands started their way playing in small and intimate venues and even drag shows.

Luckily for them, a man called Alex Gilbert- one of the Warner Bros presenters saw their show. Even though he did not like their music, he saw their potential and took a demo tape back to the studio in England, played it to one of his partners and it took him a few seconds to understand that this can be something really big. The lead singer Brandon Flowers made a really great impression on him, Brandon's charisma really impressed him.

The Killer's sighed a contract with the company in 2003.
One of my favorite songs in their first album (Hot Fuss) is Mr.Brightside.
The rhythm is perfect, the lyrics are great and brand's voice is impressive:

"But it's just the price I pay, Destiny is calling me.
Open up my eager eyes, I'm Mr.Brightside."

Have a good, cold, rainy weekend
filled with good friends and great music.

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